Free Registration - What's included?

Available as a free download, a low cost booklet, and online with examples and an integrated Q & A facility.
The hub of the game is the website. Pre-game organisation and setup takes place here. This is where you'll customise your warband and prepare them for battle. You can also keep track of game stats with a user friendly interface.
These feature individual player briefings, maps and victory conditions. New scenarios will appear online frequently.
These tutorials cover the key concepts of the game and some of the key bits of website functionality.
This is realy for gadget geeks, it's not required to play the game. While most players will probably prefer the paper record, the mobile version will automatically update warrior stats in-game.
Valahlla includes a campaign system that enables you to build a warband and have your warriors gain experience and become heroes - until they ultimately enter Valhalla!

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